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Gaming Console Repair

Our skill technicians perform thorough diagnoses of any damage or broken PlayStation, Xbox or any other gaming console before carrying out any repair and discuss the feasible price with the customer. Our policy to use Quality spare parts from our trusted suppliers ensure that the console get free of trouble for lifetime with 30 days warranty on our repairs.


Our Core Gaming Console Repair Services:

  • Not Reading Games
  • Disc Drive Repairs
  • Replacing HDMI Port & servicing other faults

XBOX Repairing

We repair your faulty XBOX in a very expertly manner. We also repair PCB of XBOX.

xBox Repair

PlayStation 3 Repair

We repair all types of gaming consoles which also includes playstation 3. We repair its PCB and other electronics components as well.

PlayStation 4 Repair

We also provide repairing services for PlayStation 4. We repair its hardware and fix software related issues.